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Heart Monitor
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Monitor vital signs, measure your heart rate and learn about your health risks

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You are about to measure your Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Breathing Rate.

The measurement will take 60 seconds.

For best accuracy, the measurement should be taken in a well-lit environment with a steady head positioned in the center of the screen.

The Heart Monitor is demonstration version of the product and cannot be use to collect diagnostic data.

Any health information provided by VitalsCheckup is for informational purposes only.

Before measurement

sit down and rest for at least 5 minutes to stabilize your heart rate and blood pressure.

Take the measurement

at least 30 minutes after eating, drinking coffee, smoking or exercising. It is best to take measurements in a calm and quiet place. Avoid taking measurements in a hot environment.

Keep your face steady

in the measuring frame. Ensure good lighting, preferably in direct light. Make sure that the light is evenly distributed on the face, without shadows and reflections on the skin. Keep the camera steady.

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Heart Monitor

How does it work?

Shen.AI analyzes facial skin texture and extracts vital physiological signs in real-time.

It applies remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), a computer vision technology which is used to extract information about changes in light absorption on an individual’s facial skin that is reflective of their physiological condition.

Such changes are captured within the RGB pixel values of camera frames and converted into various physiological vitals, using remote ppg signals delivered as a remote health monitor application. They can be used to estimate and analyze a person’s physical health, detect possible diseases, and monitor recovery. Measurement can be done on most modern smartphones, tablets and computers equipped with a camera.

For Business

Shen.AI Software Development Kit (SDK)
can be easily integrated in mobile apps and directly into web pages as a white-label solution.

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